Charitable Partners

Charitable Partners

The AfriCat Foundation

africatThe AfriCat Foundation is based in Namibia. We were delighted to have Brendan Robinson of Village Vet assistance in 2016 with the Annual Health Checks of our Big Cats and other carnivores at Okonjima, home of our africatFoundation. Namibia accommodates over 30% of the world’s cheetah population, the majority of which are living on farmland and can therefore seen as pests and be killed by farmers. Sadly there are now less than 800 lions, including the famous desert adapted lions, left in Namibia. The illusive leopard holds its own but still needs our help as do wild dogs, brown hyena’s and caracal’s. AfriCat’s mission is to strive towards ensuring the long term survival of Namibia’s predators in their natural habitat and working with the young people, farmers and communities, focuses its efforts on research, education, rehabilitation and human wildlife conflict resolution. AfriCat UK supports the work of The AfriCat Foundation further information at:


Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Led by Brendan Robinson, the Village Vet is working with the world-famous Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust to save two endangered tamarin monkeys and help to re-build the Brazilian rainforests that are vital for their survival. The Atlantic Forest of Brazil, which has been reduced to 7% of its original size, is believed to harbour 7% of the world’s species, many of which are endemic and threatened with extinction. These forest fragments still support an outstanding diversity of species, including the highly endangered Black Lion Tamarin, Jaguar, Ocelot, Puma, Tapir, White-Lipped Peccary and the Blue and Yellow Macaw.


Heathlands Animal Sanctuary – An Animal Sanctuary with a difference!

Heathlands Animal Sanctuary is a registered charity run solely by volunteers, based in Royston, Hertfordshire.

Dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of unwanted domestic pets, Heathlandse take in dogs, cats, rabbits and some types of caged birds.


Wood Green Animal Shelter

Village Vet provide a full veterinary service for the Wood Green Shelter based in Heydon. Wood Green Animal Shelters are a national animal welfare charity that has been taking in lost and unwanted animals, and finding them loving new homes since 1924. Wood Green Animal Shelter are not eligible for Government or Lottery funding and so rely solely on the support of the general public through regular donations.

If you would like to make a donation to help Wood Green continue to care for the thousands of animals they care for each year visit the website or call 08701 90 40 90.


IPE-Institute for Ecological Research,

A Brazilian non-profit and non-governmental organisation has spent many years coordinating efforts to conserve these remaining forest fragments.  Working with small landholders, IPE is proving that agroforestry techniques can revive degraded soil while saving the forest and its exceptional fauna.  With continuation funding, IPE plans to increase the number of forested corridors in the state of San Paulo and help 400 new families to earn a living based on agroforestry.  Village Vet supports the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and IPE to carry out vital Tamarin research and protection in Jersey and Brazil that will help save these beautiful animals and their rainforest homes for us and for future generations.  It is vital that we act now.