A couple of bravehearts

Belle is a beautiful 6-year-old tortie who presented with vomiting back in February 2016. She was initially treated at our Hampstead branch and she was quickly referred to London Vet Specialists for further testing.Belle 1 Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with lymphoma present in her stomach, a type of cancer. She was referred back to our Southgate branch to begin chemotherapy.

Owners are often horrified to hear the ‘C’ word, both ‘cancer’ and ‘chemotherapy’ and unfortunately there is no cure available for Belle, however, we have managed to treat her with chemotherapy for over a year now and she has had the most wonderful quality of life at home. Chemotherapy in pets is quite different to people. We use a very low dose of medicine to prevent any unwanted side effects, given the pet the best quality of life possible. This means no hair loss, nausea or lethargy. As you can see, Belle is thoroughly enjoying life in these pictures! Belle has been exceptionally brave this past year. She has been coming in regularly for blood tests and intravenous medication. We keep her here for the day which gives us plenty of time to put some local anaesthetic on her skin so she doesn’t feel the needles. She also gets some dinner afterwards which she always eats ravenously! She has been a pleasure to look after and all the team here love having her with us. Keep staying strong Belle!

Jolene 1Jolene is an 8-year-old cat with the most striking green eyes! Another stunner! She also presented with vomiting and over the last few months was also diagnosed with lymphoma, with a very large mass present in her abdomen. She has undergone the same treatment as Belle and we can no longer feel the mass. She is eating better, her vomiting has reduced and she is also loving life, both here and at home! It is still early days for Jolene but we hope that she will continue to do well for as long as possible.